Data-driven workflow & process automation

Drive process efficiency with a powerful combination of workflow automation and collaborative workspaces.

Define your process. Build your solution.


Operational Excellence

Deliver back office excellence  by delivering workflow solutions to improve your processes, reduce waste and increase profitability.


Practice or Team specific

Manage the intake and allocation of work, resources, and progress, which improves the productivity of your teams. Introduce automation to deliver standards.


Productised Solutions

Create personalised knowledge solutions designed for your clients to maximise transparency and deliver 24/7 services globally.


Design, build and deploy legal & compliance workflow solutions with ease.

WORKSPACES: configure landing pages and workspaces for intake and record management, and allocate, complete and review records and tasks.

WORKFLOW AUTOMATION: create simple to complex automated workflows, integrate with 3rd party systems, automate tasks and documents, and more.

DATA: a fully relational data model is configured, by you, and drives everything: record details, workflow triggers, document automation, and analytics across your platform

Trusted by global businesses

"The Autologyx platform allows Konexo to combine the best legal resources, implement standardised playbooks, and drive automated workflows to deliver outcomes that drive productivity and efficiency for our teams and ultimately for our customers."
Babar Hyatt
Head of Product Tech & Transformation​, Konexo Global

Extensive out of the box integrations

Innovate & transform your processes

Create intake or self-service workflows to streamline internal or external intake processes across simple to complex work types.

Upgrade disorganised portfolio management to a live, fully automated platform.

Manage claims portfolios of any size or complexity.