3-Pieces of Advice on
Getting Ready to Work with Autologyx

Rachel Circle Card

Aki Liao: What are the 3-pieces of advice would you give somebody on getting ready to work with Autologyx?

Rachel Chambers: Planning is absolutely essential. Planning with a full understanding of the “as-is” process, and that includes all of the people who are involved, and those might be third-party organisations. They might be other organisations that you interact with.

RC: The messaging that is used in the process. The documentation that is used in the process. Having a really good understanding of that and having an “as-is” process fully documented.

Considering the required outputs is essential because it’s no good you building this fantastic process if at the end of it the management information that you’re able to give to the business unit manager is not what they want, or not in the format that they want. Planning towards your reporting is really key.

RC: And then the third thing I suppose, is not really about before getting started I would say, this is when you are getting started is to actually test every point. Test every single step that you’re doing, so that you understand what’s going on, and you can start to tweak as soon as you start the process.

Aki: That was perfect. Thank you so much Rachel Chambers!

RC: Thank you, Aki Liao!