5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Using Autologyx


By implementing workflow and process automation, customers have increased efficiencies, improved team productivity, gained insight into their processes, all of which allow for continual improvements. In some instances, customers have even improved team morale, as their staff no longer handle repetitive admin work.

We are always amazed and inspired by our customers’ use of Autologyx. Here’s a list of the 5 ways we’ve observed our customers getting the most out of Autologyx.

1. Increase the productivity of the team through workflow and process automation

Customers implement Autologyx to manage the allocation of work, resources, and progress, which improves the productivity of their teams. Using configurable dashboards, customers can provide lists of detailed assignments, tasks, and statuses for their teams.

Not only are customers able to stay organized using our dashboards and tasks lists, but they can increase productivity with workflow automation. The automation begins with Autologyx’s real-time engine that monitors time and day or date, time zone, and time-lapsed. Our customers have configured combinations of event and trigger-based workflow automation that work even while their team is away from their desks or asleep.

2. Connect all data, people, and processes using integrations

All customers start with existing workflow processes and technology. Initially, the “integration” is the individual swiveling between one or more systems such as their CRM, an email inbox, or a spreadsheet to track their work, data, and people.

With Autologyx, customers have integrated workflows across standard business systems. These straightforward automated workflow processes push and pull data, assign tasks, and manage end-to-end processes.

Besides business applications, customers take advantage of Autologyx’s capability with existing legal tech systems. Autologyx integrates with popular document management systems, machine learning extraction solutions, and e-signature providers to create legal-centric solutions for legal teams and their stakeholders.

In addition to standard API integration methods, customers have been known to use Autologyx’s web scraping ability to mimic a user logging into a third-party system and literally “read” the user’s instance to capture relevant data. Customers have also used Autologyx to monitor public websites such as the NMC and GMC websites to trigger automated workflows and notifications.

3. Capture detailed data on how people and processes perform over time

Autologyx captures valuable data about processes – such as volumes, timeframes, work types, or tasks – to identify aspects of the workflow that are taking too long or costs that are increasing in particular areas. With this insight, customers have re-trained teamed members or built additional automation.

Because Autologyx records all changes and history — even data that has been overwritten–, customers can confirm compliance by pulling audit reports from any point in time.

4. Build customer-facing applications for their clients

Customers are developing solutions based on Autologyx’s capabilities for their clients seeking greater process efficiency. Process builders avoid protracted IT effort by using Autologyx’s process builder and configurable dashboards to build solutions for their clients.

Autologyx’s ability to hook into other systems through APIs or data feeds is critical for building solutions for clients across many industries.

Designed as a one-to-many model, process builders have used Autologyx to build multiple instances of the same workflow and process automation for different clients. Customers can keep data segregated for security and compliance requirements by using multiple instances.

Use cases that our customers build for their clients include contracting workflows (e.g. drafting, negotiation, and review), recruitment & onboarding, compliance processes, business to legal self-service applications, and the triage and allocation of work to the right resources.

5. Create a data foundation for future advanced use cases

Customers further along in their automation journey leverage Autologyx to mirror complex data structures in real-world applications to build a data foundation for future advanced use cases, such as machine learning applications, and knowledge management & search capabilities.

Our customers have already taken the data recorded using Autologyx and have created different operating models, automation journeys, and ways of working in the future.