Key Reflections Over the First 120 Days

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The following is a transcript of video blog by Ben Wightwick, Chief Customer Officer from March 1, 2022

Ben Wightwick: Hi there. It’s Ben from Autologyx. Just wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about my reflections of the last four months.

BW: So I’ve been with Autologyx now for just over four months, and I thought with the launch of our new newsletter, I thought it’d be quite a good piece of content just to share with you in terms of what I’ve found, what I’ve learned, what I’m building out upon, and to provide that to you guys.

BW: So, really, my three main reflections come out of three main areas.

Reflection #1. Customers and how our relationship can only grow and solidify

BW: So, the first is you guys, our customers.

BW: So, I’ve spent quite a lot of time with you guys. Particularly a number of you on current projects, current processes, improvements to existing solutions, new solutions that you’re developing and building on the platform, implementations of existing projects, and it’s been really interesting to listen to you guys and understand your business objectives, your business outcomes.

BW: I’m starting to understand what that looks like, and how Autologyx is providing the framework for some of those things, and it’s been really interesting over that time to get to know you guys as people, I guess. In terms of what that looks like and how our relationships can only grow and solidify, building out upon the value that you can only get from Autologyx.

Reflection #2. The People at Autologyx and what they do to care for customers

BW: The second thing is a little bit of the same, which is about the people here within Autologyx. It’s been great to get to know them. Understand how their existing processes and what they do benefit you guys as customers. How we can refine and redevelop those and start looking at how our customer journeys and our handoffs between teams can be improved to make things better.

BW: It’s been great to get to know the product organisation. I’m a product guy really, albeit that I’m not technical, and I just, I love what we’re doing as a product organisation. So, getting to know Ashly [Harwood], Ben [Stoneham] and Andrzej [Rusewicz], and the engineering team and product design teams really important. But then to understand how the client value team, which is my team, made up of some developers, some front end guys, looking at the implementation team, Gareth [Jones] and Rachel [Chambers], and really starting to think about how we can refine what we do to make it better and to build out upon that.

Reflection #3. Product roadmap that builds upon the value that we provide customers

BW: I guess the third thing I’ve already sort of mentioned is the product and the product roadmap. It was one of the things when I was chatting to Ben [Stoneham] and Ed [Wilson] before I joined. It was one of the things that excited me about Autologyx.

BW: What’s coming up in 2022? And we really got some great advances in our technology in terms of what we’re doing. How we can do that. And really starting to think about adding to and building out upon the value that we provide to you guys as existing customers. We’d love to chat to you guys about our next release and what we’re doing. It’s a few months away yet. So, it’s early days, but it’s one of those things that really excites me, and we want to make sure that it lands well with you guys. We’ll be open to conversations about it in the coming weeks and months.

BW: So, those are the three things – customers, people and team, and our product. And there’s probably 101 other things I could talk about, but they’re the ones that really resonate in terms of key reflections points over the last four months.

BW: But anyway, I’ll say goodbye and thank you very much!