Autologyx is a no-code Digital Operations Platform

Automate any process across your organisation with a single, connected environment

Automate complex, non-linear processes

Integrate people and systems into a common workflow

Use data to drive decision making and gain insights into your business 

Build and change workflows at any time in a no-code environment

Real World Processes are complex AND CHANGING

This means all but the simplest of processes are still run by people. As a result, we miss out on the benefits of standardized data capture, automation efficiencies, and scaling of expert knowledge.


  • Manages any level of complexity
  • Always monitoring and reactive to new data and events
  • Processes simultaneous pathways and actions
  • Remembers all historic data for ultimate compliance
  • Links people with full systems integration: both people-to-machine and machine-to-machine automation

The Autologyx platform works in real time, managing non-linear, simultaneous processes that reflect the complexity of real world interactions

fall in love with our features

No-Code process builder

No-code engine enables creation of complex workflows and decision trees using a drag-and-drop interface, allowing the business to take control

Data and Event Driven

Data and event driven architecture captures every action and change in data state, and allows you to reference that data within the workflow itself or in reporting

Real time event-engine

Always-on engine reacts in real time to new data changes and events. Trigger automated actions and tasks based on any timing or inputs, and report in real-time

Dashboards and Portals

Create customer or business-facing dashboards and portals for workflow intake, monitoring and management

Compliant Workflows

All data changes over time are saved and accessible. Build compliant workflows with full audibility

Deep integration capabilities

Designed to incorporate any 3rd party technology or data source, allowing you to plug in best of breed technology

Document Automation

Configure document automation and collated document packs into workflows to present people with ready-made outputs for review

Run Anywhere

Cloud-based architecture, deployed into your virtual private cloud or hosted by us.

"With Autologyx, what I found quite dramatic, was the ability of the team to get behind the details and understand us quickly.
Vincent Wood
Partner, Lockton Companies LLP

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