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Build digital solutions for your workforce and customers on a single platform

We combine powerful workflow automation with a simple, intuitive workspace and all the features you need to deliver and automate legal and compliance work

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Intake Processes

Create intake or self-service workflows to streamline internal or external intake processes across simple to complex work types


Matter management

Deliver any combination of matter types with our configurable workspace, and enhance with workflow and document automation


Products and services

Create or enhance your products and services for customers, with intake, collaboration workspaces and end-to-end, integrated workflows

Change is constant, and complex. Companies continuously evolve the services they provide, the way work is delivered, and usage of process and technology.

Autologyx Catalyst is an operations platform designed to support this process of change for legal and compliance professionals, adapted for their complex environment. New processes, work types, or whole digital services and applications can be reliably configured and deployed at speed using our no-code interface.

How Does it work?

WORKSPACES: configure landing pages and workspaces for intake and record management, and allocate, complete and review records and tasks.

WORKFLOW AUTOMATION: create simple to complex automated workflows, integrate with 3rd party systems, automate tasks and documents, and more.

DATA: a fully relational data model is configured, by you, and drives everything: record details, workflow triggers, document automation, and analytics across your platform

All of the above is configurable using no-code, with the option to leverage pro-code features such as AWS Lambda for advanced users

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Latest News


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