About Autologyx®

Autologyx® was created and is run by a cross-disciplined team who between us have gained a huge amount of experience over the past decade – developing and delivering high-quality, cloud-based applications. We also share an evangelical enthusiasm for enabling our customers to win by using the very best technology to deliver competitive advantage.

We've got people who've run large scale back-office compliance and admin teams, professional managers who understand business process and their commercial application - plus developers, designers, testers and user interface specialists who are obsessive about form, function and quality.

Our Support and Pre-sales team are here to make sure all our users get the answers they need quickly. Meanwhile our Tech Ops team sits in the metaphorical back-room, running the system to make sure we deliver on our ‘5 nines guarantee’ of 99.999% uptime.

What do we believe in?

Great service

  • Software as Service businesses should put service before technology.
  • Smart use of clever technology in the right places.
  • There are some places where a human being is always the better choice. For everywhere else there's Autologyx®.

Simplicity and Transparency

  • Our products and pricing are easy to understand and simple to apply.
  • We have a straight-forward flat-fee structure and flexibility to upgrade at any time.

Who owns Autologyx?

Autologyx® is a venture-backed private limited company.