Digital and complex operations

autologyx empowers operational teams across the enterprise to create their own automation case solutions whilst meeting the stringent requirements of your CTO/CIO.

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Adaptive technology for complex processes

The challenge with traditional BPM and case framework solutions is inflexibility and time-to-value, coupled with their inability to respond to dynamic, real world complexity. So, you either compromise your business process to fit a standard solution, or you invest significant time and resource to create a custom solution that is frozen and costly to maintain.

Now, autologyx’ FabricAutomation Platform® allows you to bring data, people, systems and processes together in one bespoke, agile eco-system. No compromises.

autologyx delivers a real-time digital operations capability, which you can constantly iterate, test, refine and evolve, to meet dynamic customer and internal demands. At the same time, it provides a powerful platform that enables you to create a ‘living resource’ and a skillset to quickly solve other case management issues throughout your enterprise.

Dynamic Case Management

At the heart of many businesses is the complex interaction between customers, inside and outside company personnel and processes - often working within different regulatory frameworks - all of which need to be coordinated seamlessly to deliver an outcome that can be measured and audited.

These are all part of what can be called a dynamic case management requirement.

Whether your business is a Debt management company streamlining its customer journeys, a Telco managing its physical assets or a staffing business compliantly onboarding its candidates - Dynamic Case Management from autologyx is the future-proof digital operations platform for your business.

Legal matter management

Legal process outsourcers (LPOs), legal practices and in-house legal departments need to digitise complex legal matter management to improve efficiency, profitability and the client service experience. autologyx enables you to do this at scale, across complex processes, tailored precisely to your practice.

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Customer experience management

Improving your customers’ experiences

Driving better customer engagement and satisfaction is a constant battle. autologyx enables you to connect all of the people, data and systems involved in your customer service in one transparent digital system, while delivering a personalised customer experience.

autologyx provides a unified platform integrating customer interactions, data points and systems to provide greater visibility and eliminate duplication of effort across your business.

You can now use real-time data to provide personalised client journeys, providing enhanced end-user experience. And you can manage the lifecycle of your customer, automating communications that encourage buying-decisions or anticipate service issues.

autologyx can also kick-start your AI or Machine Learning development, using real data and existing customer behaviour as the platform to model and evolve new customer experiences, products or services.

Fast, effective and compliant onboarding

Smarter control over people and assets

Whether for new customers, employees, physical assets or complex relationships, you can build enhanced ways to onboard them all. With autologyx® you can accelerate any onboarding process, eliminating dependencies within your workflow and completely automate tracking and admin to guarantee 100% compliance.

Whether your assets are people, things or a combination of the two, autologyx enables you to:

  • Offer precisely tailored onboarding processes matched to the context and asset
  • Control and manage the asset over its entire lifecycle

Managing dynamic compliance requirements across multiple frameworks

How to streamline at scale

If you’re running resource-intensive, complex operational processes to service critical compliance frameworks, autologyx offers you the opportunity to digitise and streamline at scale.

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Claims processing

Built around your unique claims environment

Claims processing for insurance firms and companies with a high volume of warranty or service claims is an intensive and costly process to administer. autologyx enables you to digitise the whole process across documents, communications and decision-making, to cut costs and improve the customer experience.

autologyx allows you to innovate and transform your claims processing:

  • Tailor the automation to your individual claims management process
  • Build a digital eco-system around any kind of document or data input
  • Create a system across brands and borders, centred around each claimant
  • Enjoy total transparency about where each claim is and build in SLA or KPI reporting
  • Use real data to identify bottlenecks or claims hotspots to improve process or product performance

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