The platform

Automate complex mission-critical processes that require data, people and events to interact in a dynamic real-world environments

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Integrating  seamlessly ‘out-of-the-box’ with web-applications, email and almost any native database, CRM, ERP, payroll or analytics platform, Autologyx dynamically connects your processes to your data in real time.



Autologyx® feeds any reporting or analytics tools in real-time – driving accelerated operational performance by fuel-injecting automated processes.


Autologyx® retains a complete status history of every item of data across time and locations - giving you the "when, where and why" of everything that happens, forever.


Our platform delivers enterprise-class service and assurance. Supporting dynamic scalability, the Autologyx® platform is capable of supporting any size of operational process with complete dependability. 

The platform intro

Smart enough to know how the real world works

Unlike conventional workflow or BPM systems, the Autologyx engine is aware of context. It understands how your data and outcomes are related and can drive even the most complex, non-linear application to achieve your goal.

Simple enough for everyone to make things better

Autologyx is so easy to use. Its object-based, drag-and-drop approach means you can build processes around real world things. There’s no abstract programming language – just highly intuitive visual tools.

Fast enough to make your business competitive

With Autologyx you can deploy innovative, automated processes into your business straightaway. Autologyx will drive operations in the background automatically, dependably and more efficiently than ever.

Features grid

Transform your business with everything you need to automate processes
and drive productivity right out of the box!

No Code!

Build and automate any process step by step with drag-and-drop simplicity and natural language intelligence. No IT required!

Smart Documents

Sophisticated document production,  multi-stage approval, encryption and online signing as standard.

Comm's Tools

Multi-channel, multi brand support with connectors for email, text and social.

Apps & Services

Hundreds of ready-to-use templates, components and integrations.

Support for Non-linear Processes

Strong support for event driven, non-linear processes with automatic tracking of state.

Workflow Control

Intelligent routing of case and exception handling with the Autologyx® smart work-allocation algorithms.

Amazing Analytics

From Excel to Tableau, Autologyx® features real-time data-analytics support for almost any analytics platform.

Access Control

Strong access control allows detailed control over users, permissions and data.

Ready-to-use Components

Build quickly with hundreds of ready-to-use objects and components.

Automatic Email Processing

Collect, process and file documents and data automatically from email.

Web Connectors

Interrogate and process data automatically from websites. Use the Autologyx® ready-built templates for popular registries, or create your own.

Database Connectors

Native database connectors allow real-time read and write to every popular database.

Powerful APIs

As both server and client, powerful API capabilities can be built into every process

Mobile Ready

Native apps for document and data acquisition with offline support for the mobile workforce.

Branding Support

Full multi-brand CSS support with WYSIWYG content editor.

Immutable History

Every action, every event, every change in data or state is tracked forever. Who, What, When, Where, Why (and prove it!)

Autologyx Apps and Services

Simply click to boost productivity with additional features to power up your processes.

Find out more about customising Autologyx® to your business needs, with additional built-in functionality and ready-to-use 3rd party apps and services.