Ben Wightwick

Document automation. Three is the magic number. 

Document automation in legal has been a thing since the 1990’s and it continues to grow.

There are many technology vendors which either just do document automation or incorporate the capability as part of a wider feature set. This rise in vendors and strategic acquisitions has made it a very challenging for buyers because of the increase in choice and solution fit assessment required.

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No legaltech provider is an island, integration is paramount

A big theme at ILTACON 2022 was one of interoperability and integrations. Workflows and the tools that support them should not remain siloed in point solutions and where possible be integrated into the wider tech stack to provide more value and enable the sharing of data and outcomes.

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Structured Data: The fuel of the future

Law firms have access to volumes of data. Data about themselves, their people, how they practice, metrics regarding utilisation and profitability and also an immense amount of client data. However almost all firms, are data rich but information poor.

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5 reasons automating your processes leads to practice efficiency

With economic uncertainty, remote working now a reality and a drive for productivity gains and ultimately profitability, many law firms are focused on automation and workflow optimisation to drive practice efficiency. This often manifests itself in the adoption of document automation as a first step because of the obvious benefits, two of which are risk reduction and standardisation of document generation. However, document automation is just one part of a much broader process optimisation potential.

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pinball games arcade to depict the concept of 'game-changing'

Game changing capabilities added to Catalyst 1.2

Autologyx Catalsyt 1.2 was deployed to customers in May and our early adopter clients have been building on the latest platform. The update contains some game changing capabilities making Catalyst even more powerful that we wanted to share with you.

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5 hot topics

If you’re a customer then you will have either been part of our pilot group, seen a quick demo or have something in the diary for the coming weeks. For those clients and prospects who are piloting the product, it’s been great to finally get business experts, legal engineers and system configurators into the system and to have a ‘play’.

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Key Reflections Over the First 120 Days

Just wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about my reflections of the last four months. So, I’ve spent quite a lot of time with you guys. Particularly a number of you on current projects, current processes, improvements to existing solutions, new solutions that you’re developing and building on the platform, implementations of existing projects, and it’s been really interesting to listen to you guys and understand your business objectives, your business outcomes.

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