Design, build and deploy legal & compliance workflow solutions with ease.

Empower your teams 

The Autologyx configuration tools provide our customers with an easy to use platform leveraging drag and drop capabilities and a no/low code interface, allowing them to create powerful legal and compliance solutions without developer support. Our platform reduces costs by improving time to market increasing return on investment.

Intelligent work

Boost productivity & collaborate seamlessly. Create any number of processes using our no/low code configuration tools to automatically create and assign tasks, generate documents, update or integrate record data, create tasks, notifications, and more.

Structured data

Our data first approach puts your logic and needs at the heart of the solutions you build. Define and build complex relational parent/child data structures for use in areas such as claims or portfolio management, using only drag and drop configuration.

Types of solutions you can build


Operational Excellence

Deliver back office excellence  by delivering workflow solutions to improve your processes, reduce waste and increase profitability.


Practice or Team specific

Manage the intake and allocation of work, resources, and progress, which improves the productivity of your teams. Introduce automation to deliver standards.


Productised Solutions

Create personalised knowledge solutions designed for your clients to maximise transparency and deliver 24/7 services globally.

Integrations & Partners

With extensive out of the box integrations and the flexibility to create your own, Autologyx Catalyst provides you the ability to connect your important systems to extend your workflows.

Enterprise grade security

Security is at the core of our platform. Built around a fully distributed, scalable architecture and independently audited, Autologyx works closely with some of the world’s best-in-class infrastructure and security vendors to deliver true enterprise grade security and assurance. ISO27001:2013 accredited.

We are your Catalyst for