Introducing Autologyx Catalyst


The next generation evolution of the Autologyx operations platform

A Catalyst for change

Everything changes. Customers are constantly adapting: evolving the services they provide, the way work is delivered, or use of process and technology. Autologyx Catalyst is an operations platform designed from the ground up to support this process of change for legal and compliance professionals: new processes, work types, or whole digital services and applications can be configured and deployed at speed using our no-code interface.

Transform with the next generation of Autologyx

Legal & Compliance Workspaces

Configure unlimited new work types with detailed record views, matter listings, and summarised information in your sidebar. Manage, allocate and complete tasks in your record sidebar or task queue

Landing Pages

Create service portals with our landing page functionality: configure and embed intake forms, PowerBI reporting, or links to external sources of information to share with your end-customers

Advanced Workflow Automation Engine

Our advanced workflow automation engine seamlessly combines with the Workspace: reference any data point in the Workspace in your workflows, whether in APIs, task allocation, notifications and more

Document Automation

We provide document automation out of the box, with no additional fees. Take any data point in the platform and merge into your document templates ready for review or signature


Our REST API interface allows full configuration of integrations with any other API-enabled system to provide you with complete end-to-end workflows: no more switching between solutions or siloed data

Data and Analytics

Track compliance history, user actions, record changes, etc. with time-stamped data integrated into a BI platform of your choice such as Tableau or PowerBI

Think big. Start small. Begin today.