Transform your document review exercises with Autologyx for iManage:
the no-code Digital Operations Platform’s tailored solution for iManage customers.

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Configurable workflow & automation for the iManage Suite

Fast, pre-configured deployment options

Secure and auditable history



Set up your review

  • Create review topics
  • Select pre-trained or custom iManage extractors
  • Configure review questions
  • Select number of review stages
  • Select review answer options

Kick-off from iManage Work

  • Monitor folders for newly added review content
  • Content organised and sent for review
  • Organised into a Work Queue
  • Easily manage and track review status including entity and clause extraction by iManage AI

Complete the Review

  • Easily view the extracted output
  • Access documents to verify answers
  • Copy and edit your answers
  • Mark responses as tentative or complete
  • Escalate to next stage reviewers

Automatically receive outputs in iManage Work

  • Configurable review outputs
  • Receive review summaries in iManage Work
  • Completely integrated audit trail with iManage document history

Review Analytics

  • Analyse review outputs across document portfolio
  • Track efficiency in real-time
  • Analyse review costs and ROI