Move to where the ball is going, not to where it’s been

Are both vendors and firms trying too hard to be first movers, inadvertently neglecting two significant issues in legal technology — an ever increasing and uncontrollable amount of unstructured data, and a lack of clearly defined processes and paths to automation?

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Making legal process automation surprisingly simple

We often witness a “lightbulb moment” among prospective clients when they discover the potential of Autologyx’s data-driven process engine. The initial reaction is a blend of amazement and excitement: “Wow, that’s incredible! You can tackle all those problems our other systems can’t!” The possibilities seem endless.

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The power of graph-based process automation

The power of graph-based process automation In the ever-evolving landscape of legal and compliance applications, the need for dynamic and intelligent process automation is paramount. …

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Merging generative AI into our world

Technology has now crossed the line into something at best closely resembling human output in the form of large language model-based AI, and the narrative of what mature legal service delivery might look like has changed overnight. We’re struggling to merge the huge potential of this new capability with yesterday’s picture — how do we integrate this magic box, loosely linked to huge sets of data and able to produce sophisticated outputs based on any variations of a prompt — in other words, something quite like us?

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Why improving process efficiency always starts with quality data

When Adidas looked at developing a running shoe to beat the Nike Alphafly, which Eliud Kipchoge wore when he broke the then mens marathon world record in 2022, they started with the data.

If the process of running can be improved by starting with the data, perhaps the same can be said of your legal processes.

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Document automation. Three is the magic number. 

Document automation in legal has been a thing since the 1990’s and it continues to grow.

There are many technology vendors which either just do document automation or incorporate the capability as part of a wider feature set. This rise in vendors and strategic acquisitions has made it a very challenging for buyers because of the increase in choice and solution fit assessment required.

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