Killing two birds with one stone – staffing up with your digital transformation strategy

Holly Hare-Scott
Holly Hare-Scott
Sales Director

As the ‘war for talent’ rages on and organisations spend increasing resources on finding and engaging with the right candidate, the need to manage the entire employee lifecycle is foremost in the mind of HR departments, staffing agencies, and even C-level executives. Your most important resource, your staff, need to be treated correctly – they are your organisation’s future.

According to a recent Career Builder survey, 4 out of 5 candidates say the onboarding experience they receive is clear indication of how a company values its people. A staggering 36% admit to not having the basic equipment such as a computer on their first day and almost 25% never even started their first day after early onboarding problems! Poor candidate experiences like these can damage not only the business’s brand and staff retention but also their ability to reach security and compliancy requirements.

Imagine the scenario of a multinational organisation who need to utilise a flexible contingent workforce to carry out highly skilled and often sensitive functions. The onboarding process involves a complex, non-linear and multiple dependent process that relies on manual form filling, extensive background checks and email communications between the organisation, the contractor and Government officials. It is extremely time consuming and labour intensive to execute, with little status transparency or appropriate candidate/client experience.

Solving such a ‘people-dependent’ problem has, to date, relied on, people. Is this the same with other difficult to manage processes in your business?

Gartner’s 2017 CEO Survey states that “twice as many CEOs are intent on building up in-house technology and digital capabilities as those who plan on outsourcing”. The days of simply employing more ‘bodies’ to carry out often arduous processes are gone and so too are technologies that require a bulging IT wallet. This particularly applies for outsourced staffing agencies (MSP & RPO especially) who run on strict margins and even stricter client expectations.

Any progressive and innovative management board are initiating digital transformation projects, usually with a band of vendors who offer subject-matter, point solution products. How about killing two birds with one stone? Driving digital transformation to some of the hardest areas to automate in business with real-time results?

Human Capital Management (HCM) and Business Process Management (BPM) tools offer a degree of automation for onboarding and other tricky processes but:

  • Can they deal with workflows that are not linear or ‘standard’?

  • Do they allow data to be ‘pushed and pulled’ from legacy, third-party or web-based systems?

  • Are they highly secure and reliable with a full audit trail?

  • Can they scale to meet the growing automation needs of the business?

  • Can they provide a Centre of Excellence (CoE) culture change and drive innovation and competitive advantage throughout the business?

At Autologyx®, we provide Automation as a Service™ to digitally transform businesses with self-service, process automation. Onboarding is a common process automated by our customers. In fact, the scenario used earlier is a real-life example – the client, with the help of Autologyx, eliminated nearly 90% of the previous manual interventions cutting the onboarding of new staff down from 16 weeks to just 4.

With Autologyx®, staffing up with your digital transformation strategy has never been so easy!


About autologyx®

autologyx® digital operations platform enables enterprise businesses to automate complex mission-critical processes faster and more cost effectively than existing automation software. autologyx® empowers organisations to embrace innovation by integrating next-generation technologies - such as AI and ML - with legacy systems, enabling low risk innovation to ensure sustained competitive advantage.

The autologyx® platform moves beyond simple task-based automation, offering a more holistic real-world automation approach. Unlike traditional process automation and workflow solutions, autologyx® is driven by events and data – not process – allowing users to build interdependent processes across business operations that can react in real time.

Designed and hosted in the cloud the autologyx® '‘no-code’ solution enables business users to build and run sophisticated automation applications in a fraction of the time (and thus cost) of alternative solutions.

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