RPO – The business strategy of recruiting

Most clients adopt an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) relationship as it can act as the glue that will link HR with key business initiatives which help establish the best route to market for the exceptional talent needed to make them grow, develop and prosper at a faster rate.

The pressure is on for the RPO to deliver not only from a contractual perspective, but to demonstrate its seamless ability to amalgamate into any organisation, regardless of its discipline, geographical location, skill set, technology suite or ability to accept change.

This makes the role of the RPO somewhat that of a chameleon, set with the impossible task of offering a one size fits all solution, often meaning adopting disjointed, timely and manual processes internally to manage their client’s expectations. In the real world, this is not an effective or scalable business approach.

In a world where “candidate is king” first impressions are key, and the RPO is the first important touchpoint the talent has to their new potential employer. This touchpoint is the start in an important journey for each and every candidate, one that should be seamless and transparent, but also provide business critical MI (Management information) to the RPO and RPO client.

With this in mind, the offering of the modern RPO needs to be strategy focused. But the strategy needs to be tactical to manage each and every client and candidate quirk, to ensure the ongoing relationship, brand reputation and crucially that every client SLA (service level agreement) and KPI (key performance indicator) are met.

RPOs therefore are not as initially perceived by many, a traditional recruitment function, they are in fact a business strategy. A business strategy that will bring the client a unique partnership that will introduce them to people and technology of the highest standards enabling them to achieve their business goals

The utopian (USP) unique selling point for the RPO is not only to deliver, but to innovate and to streamline the laborious task of capturing, engaging and recruiting top talent.

For this to take hold it means that the RPO needs to be serviced by strategic, tactical software that will enhance the partner experience.

For a long time, this strategic approach was hampered by ridged point solutions that dictated the path of every process from initial engagement through compliance and on-boarding and into the candidate lifecycle.

In today’s technology landscape the use of automation is allowing the RPO to be more strategic, but typically only with proportions of processes and selections of data. The age-old problem of ridged processes still exists, so the business strategy being offered is often a “swan effect” - seamless and gliding on top, but underneath the team are paddling away to keep up appearances. The quick surface automation fix is not a solution, merely a process plaster.

So how do RPOs reach the utopia of business strategy delivery?

RPOs can achieve business strategy status by utilising an intelligent process automation tool such as autologyx.

With intelligent process automation, the RPOs clients multi-dependent, non-linear processes should no longer be feared nor managed by a ‘one size fits all’ operation but can instead be satisfied and enhanced using smart, scalable and tailorable technology.

With the ability to automate complex, interdependent processes that are driven by people, documents, data and systems, Autologyx IS the strategic and tactical digital transformation technology offering that can finally provide the RPO with the tool it needs to achieve its utopian USP.

Promoting low risk, low cost innovation, the technology serves as an orchestration platform and ‘glue’ to next generation technologies such as AI, ML and IoT servicing the RPOs desire to provide innovative ‘client first’ experiences.

By utilising autologyx, the RPO can be fully perceived as the business strategy a client needs to truly win the war on talent.

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About autologyx®

autologyx® digital operations platform enables enterprise businesses to automate complex mission-critical processes faster and more cost effectively than existing automation software. autologyx® empowers organisations to embrace innovation by integrating next-generation technologies - such as AI and ML - with legacy systems, enabling low risk innovation to ensure sustained competitive advantage.

The autologyx® platform moves beyond simple task-based automation, offering a more holistic real-world automation approach. Unlike traditional process automation and workflow solutions, autologyx® is driven by events and data – not process – allowing users to build interdependent processes across business operations that can react in real time.

Designed and hosted in the cloud the autologyx® '‘no-code’ solution enables business users to build and run sophisticated automation applications in a fraction of the time (and thus cost) of alternative solutions.


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