5 hot topics

5 hot topics of discussion following the launch of Autologyx Catalyst. So you may have heard that we’ve launched a new platform called Autologyx Catalyst; everyone has been talking about…

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Think Bigger with Integrated Workflows

The topic of integration has become commonplace within organisations and their functions. Most of us have interacted with systems that are pushing or pulling data or tasks to and from one another, which significantly reduces the human exchange and friction in our business processes: imagine for example if MS Outlook could not book a meeting with external parties.

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Aesop Was Wrong:
Sometimes Slow and Steady Loses the Race

In a recent article, we examined how law firms stand to win a lot more business if they shift to a proactive, strategic approach to using technology. Some technologies, like eDiscovery and virtual data rooms, are already table stakes. Clients continue to demand greater efficiency that is tailored to their needs, and increasingly, they expect law firms to bring new tools to the table. In this market, law firms that use workflow automation tools to meet these demands will outperform firms that don’t.

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Sometimes Slow and Steady Loses the Race