Autologyx: The Digital Operations Platform

One platform, any number of processes

No-code, drag & drop process builder

Integrates across all your point solutions

Scale processes across a single platform

One Platform for all your Use Cases

  • Build a custom data model and scale from a single process to many
  • Core features e.g. document automation, work queues and portals
  • Integrate existing or new point solutions and services with simple API connectors
  • Scale across multiple instances for repeatable customer tech-driven solutions

Self Service Process Automation

No Code Configuration

  • No-code canvass to build and edit new processes
  • RIght-click access to data model, tasks and process data
  • Off-the-shelf widgets for common automation tasks
  • Deep capabilities for experts where no-code isn’t enough

Differentiated live, reactive engine

Reactive Process Engine

  • Processes are ‘live’ and programmable to react to any event or data input at any stage
  • All data generated (historic or current state) referenceable for analytics and further automation steps
  • Build real-time applications: e.g. follow-the-sun triage or live SLA driven processes
  • Auto-scaling architecture manages high volume workloads

Autologyx Platform

How you do the work


Managing the Work. Choose from your favorite BI Platform or one of our recommendations


Performing the Work. Out of the box work queue dashboards ideal for high volume work or meet your users where they work in MS Office 365


Configure the Work. No-code, drag & drop process builder, which includes off-the-shelf widgets for common tasks


The core engine that handles the bespoke, relational data models representing your domain and tracking the data you require for workflow processing and data analytics

Platform capabilities

A deep set of native platform capabilities ensures Autologyx can always meet your process automation requirements

Integrations are core to what we do, no matter how the data is prescribed

Works with your existing technology investments


Autologyx has the ability to:

  • push and pull data between systems
  • integrate API calls
  • use API calls anywhere in a process
  • use Database calls anywhere in a process and
  • supports single sign-on with SAML:2.0