Our world-class professional services team supports you all the way through planning, deployment, and after care

"One of the many things that Autologyx did well was take the time to properly understand what we do and why we do it, and therefore, they could carefully direct us in the decisions we could make during the implementation process. This was really important to us, as it was quite an unknown as to what we were getting ourselves into."
Jordan Moss
Senior Vice President, Lockton Global Real Estate and Construction a division of Lockton Companies LLP

1. Planning

We work with you to determine the best starting point and take a phased approach so that you accomplish quick wins and gain value every step of the way.

  • Determine what things need to happen and who’s involved
  • Run through a checklist of steps and iterate on the plan

We're here to support you. Don't worry.

2. Conceptualise

This is where we gather requirements;  we’ll have a few sessions. Then, we’ll document this and seek confirmation. It is an iterative process, so we’ll count on your feedback. It’s the way we’ll work together to accomplish your goals, from understanding your processes to going live. 

Once we’ve gathered all of the requirements, we begin to map out your process, and have internal sessions at the shop.

DECADES of experience in requirements gathering AND DEVELOPING SOLUTIONS

3. Build Out

We’re starting to build out the process in our workflow engine and determine which systems we are pulling and pushing data from as we run processes through the platform. 

You choose. We can do this for you, or you can do this yourself with a minimal amount of training.

Build, Test, Refine

4. User Acceptance

We provide you with custom dashboards and have configured the workflow automation based on the agreed specifications. Now it’s time for “rubber meets the road” testing – check that data is being passed, things are working. We make adjustments based on your feedback. We checklist the criteria for success to confirm delivery of your solution. Once accepted, we’re ready to go live!

You Give feedback, we make adjustments

5. Go Live!

We’ve been working together step by step to get your first process into action. We make sure everything is ready to go from our side. You hit the button to go live! 

Our first level support takes over to answer any further questions and looks after you. From here we’ll continue to build out other processes as agreed.



Training can be introduced early in the process, or whenever you’re ready for us to hand you the keys. Training takes you through a step by step process of how to set up your object data model, data tables, dynamic forms, workflow engine, review of dashboards and work queues and everything in between.

We'll work with you to plan the best course

Wait, there's more

After Care Program

Ensuring the value of your investment

What ever you choose, we’re here for you!

The initial onboarding and hand off of the first process is only the beginning. What follows is a long term relationship with you to ensure your success. This could be ensuring that you are trained on the basics and learn the capabilities of the platform or graduate to advanced training modules. It may be the phased roll-out of the product to multiple business units or 100s of end users. It may be taking on new business processes or just a little help with adjusting an existing one. The choice is yours!

  • Ongoing 1st and 2nd level support 
  • Refresher and advanced training
  • Support for new process builds
  • Organizational roll-outs