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The #LPMHQ Story

Started in October 2018, as an LPM community building initiative that continues to this day, #LPMHQ is a monthly scheduled live Twitter chat for current and future legal project managers, pricing experts, and process improvement professionals. 

#LPMHQ is open to both practicing lawyers and business of law professionals including legal operations professionals from law firms, in-house legal teams, alternative legal service providers and consultants who have an interest in learning or sharing their relevant experiences. There is no membership required to participate.

Emeritus Advisory Group: Rick Kathuria, Kim Craig, Paul Easton, Micah Ascano, Lauren Mueller, Peter Dombkins, David Rueff, Audrey Giannola, Larissa Kruzel, Jennifer Fowler, Mary Mahone, Eric Helal, and Sinna Al-Ani.

Advisory Group: Peter Secor, Jason Pyrz, Arthur Wilson, David Cai, and Liz Perez.

What is #LPIHQ?

This is a new conversation that started January 11, 2021.
The LPI in “LPIHQ” stands for “Legal Process Improvement” and will focus on topics regarding running and delivering legal and business process improvement projects within the organizations of respective participants.  We welcome contributors to share insight from their experiences on corralling stakeholders, leaning-out existing processes, successes from working with the “coalition of the willing,” and how they’ve learned from past mistakes. Again, there is no membership required to participate. All are welcome!


Upcoming Twitter Chats!

July 15, 2022

12pm, EST/ 9 am, PST/ 5pm, BST

#LPMHQ Topic: “Keeping Up with the Joneses: How do you stay current?”

August – Summer Hiatus

12pm, EST/ 9 am, PST/ 5pm, GMT

September 14, 2022

12pm, EST/ 9 am, PST/ 5pm, GMT

#LPMHQ Topic: “Silo Busting 101”

October 21, 2022

12pm, EST/ 9 am, PST/ 5pm, GMT

#LPMHQ Topic: “Is the Grass Really Greener?”

Summer Recorded Discussion Group Series (Webinars)

These webinars are an opportunity to transform our live twitter chat to live discussions that we’ll record. Hopefully, this will expand our community, increase community participation, and still have the same straightforward sharing of lessons learned, best practices, and practical advice that has come to be the mainstay of #LPMHQ. 


Process Mapping, Not Rocket Science. The Basics


LPM: The Next Generation Conversation

Access Code:2Qb0?DR8

LPM: The Next Generation Conversation, Session 2


LPM: Ask the Directors Conversation

Life Beyond LPM: Practice Management


Life Beyond LPM: In-House Legal Ops


Community Webinar Schedule

August 3, 2022 Live Taping

3:30 pm, EST/ 12:30 pm, PST

“Life Beyond LPM: In-House Legal Ops”

August 4, 2022 Live Taping

1 pm, EST/ 6 pm, BST

“Life Beyond LPM: Practice Management”

September 2022 Live Taping


tbd – back to school edition

Webinars will be recorded live and made available to community members

If you're interested in attending a live taping please contact one of us or provide us your name and email to receive a link for the live taping

If you can't join but would like to ask a question, feel free to submit one ahead of time. We'll try to get to all of them.

Latest Chat Summaries

Tips & Tricks

Use the hashtag! End all tweets with #LPMHQ (or #LPIHQ)

When answering a Question, begin your tweet with a corresponding Answer number. For example, a response to Q1 will begin with A1

When the conversation is moving quickly, it might feel hard to keep up. Just jump in where you can

Be candid! We’re all here to learn and share

You might want to follow the conversation using Tweetdeck.

#LPMHQ/#LPIHQ Chat Summaries

These are summaries produced post live twitter chat that highlight questions and answers by participants during that session. Community members have found it an easy way to get the gist of that session.

A Look Back on 2021

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