Apps and Services

Autologyx® is highly extensible – which means you can very easily tailor its feature-set and functionality to meet specific business and operational needs.


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With hundreds of plug-and-play functional enhancements as well as ready-to-use database connectors, services, tools and templates to choose from, the Autologyx® Apps and Services store is a one stop toolkit for an amazing range of additional features and capabilities.

Marketplace features

Integrate international data resources into your process objects

Use pre-built standard tools and templates to accelerate development

Add simple productivity-enhancing widgets to power up processes

Enhance interoperability with CRM, ATS, payroll or other key business systems.

Supercharge Productivity, Integration and Performance

 Supercharge Productivity, Integration and Performance

Transform business effectiveness with simple tools, utilities and services such as:

  • Connectors into enterprise databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and many more
  • S3 Storage Backup of Autologyx® data to internal servers
  • Mail Collection to collate message attachments from multiple senders
  • World-class ID check and screening services
  • VoIP call integration with digitised call recording
  • Screen data scraping for automated web-checks
  • E-signing to eliminate authorisation delays
  • Instant fraud-detection document scanning
  • Data Validators – auto-check number and date format to eliminate human error, cost and processing delays


Simple to use

Installing apps is pure simplicity within the Autologyx® platform. Just visit our apps marketplace or use the search function or filters to find what you need, and click the install button. Autologyx® does the rest and your new features will be available for use in seconds.