Automation as a Service

Process automation for everyone

Think and Build.

No-code and no IT required - realise your vision

Autologyx® delivers a completely new dimension of control and capability in the way you operate your business. It’s easily deployed, smart and almost infinitely adaptable.

Using a drag-and-drop approach to process design, ready-made templates and object reusability. It offers you the potential to transform your business by providing a brilliantly simple way to solve complex operational problems, drive innovation and accelerate productivity gains.

Our tech cta

Smart enough to know how the real world works

Unlike conventional workflow or BPM systems, the Autologyx engine is aware of context. It understands how your data and outcomes are related and can drive even the most complex, non-linear application to achieve your goal.

Simple enough for everyone to make things better

Autologyx is so easy to use. Its object-based, drag-and-drop approach means you can build processes around real world things. There’s no abstract programming language – just highly intuitive visual tools.

Fast enough to make your business competitive

With Autologyx you can deploy innovative, automated processes into your business straightaway. Autologyx will drive operations in the background automatically, dependably and more efficiently than ever.

Paradigm shift

Process, not task based automation.

Traditionally, process-management technology has been dependent on people-powered tasks to drive workflow, providing a step-by-step approach that was bound by complexity and constrained by lack of scalability. 

Autologyx totally rethinks the problem from a new angle. It creates the capability for you to invent, automate and change processes as you will. And will deal with any level of complexity or volume you can throw at it, in real-time.