READ: Automating Insurance Renewals

A global independent insurance brokerage sought to standardize insurance renewals covering thousands of commercial property transactions with process and workflow automation. 

Managing a high growth and high-volume business, this global insurance brokerage knew they could not scale effectively by adding more personnel to process higher volumes of document packs for renewals.

Learn how the team solved their challenge of continuing to achieve both high standards in client service and maintain a cost-effective solution using Autologyx.

READ: New Ways of Workflow

Technologists Babar Hayat and Barry Rodick at Konexo say low-code workflow and automation platform Autologyx has rapidly helped increase opportunities for Konexo to change things for its clients

Autologyx can cater for the different processes of teams, and it can also be used to hook into other systems through APIs or data feeds, as well as for building entirely new propositions.

Learn how Konexo unlocked opportunities for new business and improvements to existing work via Autologyx

READ: Automate Every Process in Your Firm Without Having to Buy More Products

Autologyx flips the script by creating new “applications” that leverage the software and data sources you already have.

Autologyx is an automation platform that integrates with existing “in-place” software and data to automate complex processes and document the productivity gains with analytics.

Work with Autologyx to build a “data model” of each process to identify which tasks require a person and which tasks can be handled by automation. Then you use Autologyx to automate your workflow, integrating people and processes into a common solution.

READ: A Global Telco Makes the Right Call

This case study highlights the challenge that a telecom provider needed to negotiate and renew annual leases for their U.S. cell tower network

The process was being run by email communications, meaning no data capture or reporting and ad-hoc, inefficient work allocation and tracking

Learn how the legal team solved their challenges utilizing Autologyx and improved SLAs 

READ: What is Human in the Loop Automation?

The most pervasive Human in the Loop interaction involves approvals and sanity checks. Read the case study that documents how Human in the Loop is applied in the real world

In the case of process automation, humans are here to stay because of the discretion and expertise they bring to the process

Human in the Loop Automation provides various touch points where humans interact and influence further direction of the workflow

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