Benefits without burden: How RIG is using Autologyx to solve the compliance conundrum

How can recruiters manage step-change in compliance demands without hamstringing the business?

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With AWR looming, RIG sought a way to help its businesses meet and manage the growing burden of responsibility.

They chose Autologyx because it offered simplicity and administrative scalability with no incremental cost - and powerful new risk mitigation capabilities.

RIG's over-arching goal was to maintain the fine balance between admin overhead and sales revenue. 

This is core to the organisation's principle of enabling wealth creation within the business. They needed to find a low cost, systematic way to manage geometric change in compliance requirements.

A dual-capability solution that would:

Simplify and accelerate standard contract processing

Accommodate custom client requirements

Deliver consistency of control across all processes


After extensive research, they found existing off-the-shelf products only met part of their needs at best. And with little appetite to design and develop an in-house solution, RIG turned to us to develop a new kind of solution - compliance software from the cloud.


With Autologyx, staffing businesses can prove to their clients that they are doing what they should be doing in terms of candidate background checks and regulatory compliance.
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Strategic and operational costs of compliance: how RIG found answers in the Cloud

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About RIG

The Recruitment Investment Group Ltd (RIG) consists of exciting recruitment companies operating in niche environments, specialising in contract recruitment.


RIG helps individuals grow their own recruitment companies rapidly to create real wealth for themselves and their employees by providing:

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RIG's outstanding, centralised back-office services deliver lower costs and leave management free to make sales and placements.