Robotic Process Automation whitepaper

Published on 4th April 2017

RPA is proving to be a disruptive technology with the potential to make significant, double-digit cost savings over the use of humans.

It is of immense interest to what Computer Business Review called the ‘age-old problem for the C-suite to solve: how do you do better and do more with less’ – citing the four big benefits that enterprises should be able to draw:

  • A more consistent experience than ever before
  • with a standard level of output.
  • Deeper insights into business / IT performance
  • and customer experience.
  • A reduction in the level of human error.
  • More speedy execution than ever before, with potential to run some 24/7 operations.

This white paper looks at the different types of RPA tools, their potential impact on operations, enabling effects for business and high-level use cases.

We hope you find it useful in helping to assess the practical applications and potential benefits of automation within your organisation.