Ready to use, connected and powerful.

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Transform your business with everything you need to automate processes
and drive productivity right out of the box!

No Code!

Build and automate any process step by step with drag-and-drop simplicity and natural language intelligence. No IT required!

Smart Documents

Sophisticated document production,  multi-stage approval, encryption and online signing as standard.

Comm's Tools

Multi-channel, multi brand support with connectors for email, text and social.

Apps & Services

Hundreds of ready-to-use templates, components and integrations.

Support for Non-linear Processes

Strong support for event driven, non-linear processes with automatic tracking of state.

Workflow Control

Intelligent routing of case and exception handling with the Autologyx® smart work-allocation algorithms.

Amazing Analytics

From Excel to Tableau, Autologyx® features real-time data-analytics support for almost any analytics platform.

Access Control

Strong access control allows detailed control over users, permissions and data.

Ready-to-use Components

Build quickly with hundreds of ready-to-use objects and components.

Automatic Email Processing

Collect, process and file documents and data automatically from email.

Web Connectors

Interrogate and process data automatically from websites. Use the Autologyx® ready-built templates for popular registries, or create your own.

Database Connectors

Native database connectors allow real-time read and write to every popular database.

Powerful APIs

As both server and client, powerful API capabilities can be built into every process

Mobile Ready

Native apps for document and data acquisition with offline support for the mobile workforce.

Branding Support

Full multi-brand CSS support with WYSIWYG content editor.

Immutable History

Every action, every event, every change in data or state is tracked forever. Who, What, When, Where, Why (and prove it!)

Autologyx Apps and Services

Simply click to boost productivity with additional features to power up your processes.

Find out more about customising Autologyx® to your business needs, with additional built-in functionality and ready-to-use 3rd party apps and services.

More key features

Visual Sequencer

Intuitive process-building for non-technical people. Drag and drop to build real-time, non-linear applications that work the way you want to work.

Workflow Manager

Powerful management tool with views by process or activity, customisable for different user roles. Fast-forward to future events, manage records and run reports.


More key features

Portal Interface

Work seamlessly online with all stakeholders in any process – delivers real-time 24/7 engagement with staff, contractors, clients or suppliers.

Mobile Enabled

Interact on-the-fly wherever you are – scan documents, capture data and upload in real-time, or work offline and auto-sync later.


Integration and connectors


Import data from virtually any other business system - including ‘screen-scrape’ data integration from legacy systems and websites.

Native support for over 95% of the worlds popular database engines out of the box, allowing you to build processes that pull and push data in real-time so you don’t have to re-key data ever again.

Built-in email support allows automatic import and classification of documents from email.




Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics

Smart, simple tracking and reporting capabilities make it easy to audit performance against SLAs and monitor productivity metrics over time.

Process manager

Powerful automated scheduling, reminder and messaging engine guarantees compliance – gets every process step completed on time, every time by the right person.