Compliance management

Compliance demands that you pinpoint exactly what was happening at any specific point in time. autologyx gives us that ability.

- Head of Compliance, Medical Recruitment Company

Creating a compliance eco-system

Compliance requirements across data, processes, products or services demand that your organisation can identify data states at any point of time. You need to be able to show a clear audit trail and interact with numerous third parties.

autologyx was originally developed to meet these compliance criteria. It’s embedded in the platform’s DNA.  With data-driven process at its heart, autologyx gives you the ability to build and control automated process to incorporate thousands of people, documents, data points and actions, within multiple frameworks. Instantly reconfigurable, autologyx is ideal for dynamic compliance environments.

autologyx’ unique architecture means you can seamlessly coordinate human interaction with smart automation; you can now balance workloads and manage auditing activity; unify third party data in one eco-system; you have total control with dashboard analytics and process insight.

Features grid


Built around your specific compliance requirements


Integrates with legacy and next-generation systems and technology


Scales and evolves as your compliance needs change


Accessible for reporting, customer or regulatory queries


360º visibility across people, documents and processes


Fast ROI, low-cost innovation


Perfect for meeting new regulation and enabling low-risk innovation


Puts you in control across borders, brands and frameworks


Super fast implementation

Flexible management and reporting

You can build your autologyx solution to meet the regulatory requirements or corporate responsibility goals you need.

autologyx brings you:

  • Centralised governance across sites, brands or international borders
  • Global control and reporting, respecting  regulatory requirements in individual territories
  • Customised reporting
  • 24/7 service capability
  • Exceptional data security

As the platform captures and persists data and actions, it also gives you the capability to track data against KPIs and SLAs and identify bottlenecks that can automatically reroute workflows.

100% historic record at your fingertips

In many client environments it is not enough to just be able to control the processes; you now need to be able to provide a robust audit trail.

With autologyx you can roll back to any point in the past and evidence the state of the data and the processes. You can also export or overlay analytics at any point in the process, evidencing your compliance environment.

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