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Whether it's fixed cost models or the challenge of ABS, law firms and in house legal teams are looking to adopt smart automation to compete.

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Automated processes your legal team will welcome

autologyx’ smart automation enables high value legal teams to continue to use the tools they trust to meet critical deadlines, without disrupting their client interaction.

Using Machine Learning and data-driven actions, autologyx can optimise  triage, allocation and workflow to deliver highly optimised legal matter management processing. Whether you are running an LPO, a large law practice or high-volume in-house legal department, autologyx can help you to meet these challenges, without alienating your lawyers, support staff or clients along the way.

Helping law firms embrace the digital revolution

Transforming efficiency for in-house legal teams

Beyond traditional case management tools

Beyond traditional case management tools

autologyx is an agile platform that enables you to automate legal matter management to handle complex case automation, triage and allocation, at scale. It can accommodate complex document and data sources, touchpoints with your lawyers, professional service providers and clients, compliance frameworks and legal processes.

The platform will give you transparency over the processes you build, enabling you to meet client SLAs and allowing you to profitably service fixed-price contracts. Capturing your data in one system gives you powerful insights and reporting across practices and clients. It allows you to apply tailored ML solutions to drive efficiency, saving 1000s of lawyer hours. And it enables you to integrate with best-of-breed legaltech point solutions, now and in the future.

Features grid


Uniquely created around your legal processes


Integrates with legacy systems and legal point solutions


Scales and evolves as your needs change


Accessible for lawyers, paralegals, admin and clients


360º visibility for triage and case management

High return on investment

Fast ROI, low-cost innovation


Easy to deliver precisely against client requirements


Puts you in control across practices, clients and frameworks


Simple configuration to achieve rapid time to market.

Proven for LPO services

The autologyx platform is trusted by global LPOs for some of the world’s major legal outsourcing providers. Supporting LPOs to deliver low-cost,  high-volume legal services where every customer has unique requirements but the same acute SLAs.

Helping law firms embrace the digital revolution

autologyx enables you to build digital automation around your own unique workflows. The only thing that changes is that the whole process is smoother, faster and much less expensive to deliver. From document management to repetitive paralegal or administrative tasks, it can improve efficiency, cut costs and make everyone’s life easier.

If you are under cost and efficiency pressure from ABS or professional LPOs, or your clients are beginning to consider taking paralegal processes in house, autologyx gives you the opportunity to compete, without sacrificing reputation or quality.

Transforming efficiency for in-house legal teams

In-house legal teams often manage a wide variety of tasks to meet different legal or compliance frameworks. For multinationals working across international jurisdictions or organisations with a wide brand portfolio, this can involve highly diverse workflows.

Using autologyx, you can start with a single solution to solve a specific issue relating to anything from product compliance to insurance covers or car leasing renewals. It’s easy then to use your platform to build new tailored workflows for as many legal matter or case management issues as you wish, achieving the same rigour, discipline and efficiency levels as LPOs.

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Putting ML to practical use at scale in Legal Operations

Thursday, 25th July 2019
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Saved their legal team 1,750 hours with Automation as a Service platform, Autologyx®
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