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Law firms, legal departments and law companies, are all using automation to achieve a step-change in efficiency, and innovate with new scalable products for the end customer.

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One platform for all your Legal Operations

autologyx enables automation of legal processes where it impacts the most: legal delivery. While management platforms such as enterprise legal management or practice management systems are now well established, until recently the more complex processes involved in the delivery of legal expertise have been out of reach of automation technology.

Using our data and event-driven architecture, autologyx can help transform your business by automating your routine and complex processes in a simple, no-code environment. Incorporate any third-party technology or data source into end-to-end workflows and scale your automation from simple triage and allocation workflows to full matter management over time.

Helping law firms embrace the digital revolution

Transforming efficiency for in-house legal teams

Law companies

Benefits of using ALX Legal


Innovate fast with new products and services

Transform your legal matters into digital assets 

Develop your competitive edge with ML capability


Streamline processes for operational efficiency

Track compliance activities

Scale automation across your legal operations 


Enhance profitability and reduce costs

Achieve ROI with rapid time to value

Capture business intelligence across all your processes


Deploy bespoke client environments in a containerised architecture

Leverage ‘plug & play’ ecosystem of connected lawtech

Achieve global deployment at scale on a true SaaS platform

ALX Legal for Law Firms

Manage Perform Deliver

Law Firms are under pressure to differentiate with new products and services, and maintain profitability and competitive pricing. 

ALX Legal allows law firms to build and scale any number of bespoke, complex processes on a single platform. It provides an ecosystem to develop and trial new efficient, data-driven client services, increase profitability and predictability, and incorporate best of breed 3rd party technology.

ALX Legal is used at scale today in use cases such as:

  • Triage
  • Document generation and automation
  • Matter & resource management
  • Machine learning implementation in an operational environment

Read how Eversheds Konexo are using ALX Legal to support managed services delivery

ALX Legal for Legal Departments

Manage Perform Deliver

Legal Departments have been innovating in the face of continuous cost pressures for the last decade. They seek to demonstrate value to business customers, capture and unlock the latent value of in-house expertise and data, and tackle a legacy of underinvestment in technology, 

ALX Legal allows legal departments to benefit from automation with a single, scalable platform, with the flexibility to integrate any legacy systems and databases. Whether enhancing matter and knowledge management, providing business triage and self-service, automating claims processes, or driving contract remediation with integrated ML technology, ALX allows you to easily automate any number of your bespoke business processes.

ALX is used at scale today in use cases such as:

  • Triage
  • Document generation and automation
  • Matter & resource management
  • Machine learning implementation in an operational environment

ALX Legal for Law Companies

Manage Perform Deliver

Law Companies continue to drive new ways of delivering traditional legal services with a combination of legal and non-legal staff, process improvement and technology. This brings challenges to maintain predictability and profitability against low margin or fixed fee arrangements and scale technology alongside services.

ALX allows Law Companies to quickly build, pilot and scale automation of new products and services for clients in a containerised environment. The ALX data-led, always-on automation architecture enhances playbook-led delivery, with features such as real-time SLA monitoring and triage and approvals processes. Piloting innovative new solutions can be live within days, with customer-facing technology in place from Day 1. 

ALX is used at scale today in use cases such as:

  • Triage
  • Document generation and automation
  • Matter & resource management
  • Machine learning implementation in an operational environment

Unlock your data's potential

ALX Legal enables you to transform all your legal matters into digital assets, providing the data and platform to implement bespoke ML models and deliver huge productivity gains.

ALX Legal is delivering unprecedented accuracy on ML deployments. Discover how our ML deployment boasted 97.8% accuracy for term and content extraction.


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Features grid


Uniquely created around your legal processes


Integrates with legacy systems and legal point solutions


Scales and evolves as your needs change


Accessible for lawyers, paralegals, admin and clients


360º visibility for triage and case management

High return on investment

Fast ROI, low-cost innovation


Easy to deliver precisely against client requirements


Puts you in control across practices, clients and frameworks


Simple configuration to achieve rapid time to market.

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Supporting Eversheds Konexo managed service delivery

Saved their legal team 1,750 hours with Automation as a Service platform, Autologyx®
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