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We wanted one candidate truth across 10 brands and over a 100 legacy systems. autologyx has done that.

- Head of Operations, Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing client

Digitising your people, processes and data

From recruitment, onboarding and talent management, to governance GDPR and sector-specific compliance, staffing related processes are often highly complex, business-critical and resource-heavy.

Whether you are running a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) function, an in-house HR function or staffing operation, autologyx can help you to create digital processes that bring disparate data, legacy systems and human interaction together. Using autologyx you can drive innovative digital experiences, saving time, enhancing transparency and reducing operational costs all follow.

Proven for RPO services
Proven for RPO services
Operational workforce compliance
Operational workforce compliance
Transforming efficiency for recruitment organisations
Transforming efficiency for recruitment organisations
Customer experience management
Customer experience management
Fast, effective and compliant onboarding
Fast, effective and compliant onboarding
Dynamic compliance requirements
Dynamic compliance requirements

The agile workforce automation solution

The agile workforce automation solution

autologyx enables you to automate your staffing processes across a single entity or multiple sites. Working with numerous data sources, document types, compliance and regulatory frameworks, autologyx is the agile solution that can precisely meet your unique requirements.

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Works the way you – and each of your clients – work


Scales, adapts and evolves as your needs change


Integrates with legacy and next-generation systems and technology


Accessible for HR, recruiters, compliance and line managers


360º visibility across candidates, employees and processes

High return on investment

Fast ROI, low-cost innovation


Perfect for testing new ideas and enabling low-risk innovation


Puts you in control across borders, brands and compliance frameworks


Simple configuration to achieve rapid time to market.

Proven for RPO services

As an RPO, your challenge is not only to deliver top talent, but to streamline the tasks of capturing, engaging and recruiting, without compromising the candidate or client experience.  And to do all that whilst working within different client models and touchpoints.

Trusted by global RPOs for mission critical processes, the autologyx platform enables you to work seamlessly across multiple, brands, clients and compliance frameworks, so you can create a single truth around one person.

This can save time, remove manual intervention and help you to improve candidate or employee experiences and crucially,  increase and accelerate your hiring hit rate. At the same time it gives you the tools you need to significantly improve your KPIs around recruitment, human capital management and client reporting.  

Operational workforce compliance

If you are running an HR function with numerous employees, different organisations or across multiple countries, all of the potential anomalies in your legacy processes and systems may have made automation appear too difficult in the past.

The autologyx drag and drop functionality makes it easy to create core processes that integrate with your legacy systems. You can match the workflows for each part of your organisation, ensuring that you precisely meet each task or process, rather than requiring your people to adapt to the platform.

From employee life-cycle management to GDPR data compliance or governance issues, autologyx can help to deliver better experiences at a fraction of the time or cost usually associated with such projects.

Transforming efficiency for recruitment organisations

A large staffing business has used autologyx to integrate dozens of disparate systems and standardise hundreds of siloed processes. This enables multiple brands that previously didn’t communicate to share data and analytics on over 100,000 candidates.

By creating one source of truth for each candidate, all of their brands now benefit from 360º visibility. The system has eliminated duplication of effort in the organisation, whilst improving the speed to appointment for their clients. Adopting an agile approach using the autologyx platform enabled them to iteratively manage the candidate life-cycle, automate communications and cut candidate attrition rates.

Customer experience management

Improving your customers’ experiences

Driving better customer engagement and satisfaction is a constant battle. autologyx enables you to connect all of the people, data and systems involved in your customer service in one transparent digital system, while delivering a personalised customer experience.

autologyx provides a unified platform integrating customer interactions, data points and systems to provide greater visibility and eliminate duplication of effort across your business.

You can now use real-time data to provide personalised client journeys, providing enhanced end-user experience. And you can manage the lifecycle of your customer, automating communications that encourage buying-decisions or anticipate service issues.

autologyx can also kick-start your AI or Machine Learning development, using real data and existing customer behaviour as the platform to model and evolve new customer experiences, products or services.

Fast, effective and compliant onboarding

Smarter control over people and assets

Whether for new customers, employees, physical assets or complex relationships, you can build enhanced ways to onboard them all. With autologyx® you can accelerate any onboarding process, eliminating dependencies within your workflow and completely automate tracking and admin to guarantee 100% compliance.

Whether your assets are people, things or a combination of the two, autologyx enables you to:

  • Offer precisely tailored onboarding processes matched to the context and asset
  • Control and manage the asset over its entire lifecycle

Managing dynamic compliance requirements across multiple frameworks

How to streamline at scale

If you’re running resource-intensive, complex operational processes to service critical compliance frameworks, autologyx offers you the opportunity to digitise and streamline at scale.

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