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Embracing digital disruption

For many businesses, legacy systems – and how they interact with people, data and processes – can be a major barrier to competing with new digital disruptors.

The autologyx FabricAutomation Platform® uniquely enables your legacy systems to be powered up or enhanced with convergent technologies, including AI, ML, and IoT.

Now you can take the bold steps you need to offer your customers new digital services, automate people-heavy processes or integrate online and offline systems to cut costs, drive up efficiency and improve quality.


Creating personalised customer journeys

True customer-centricity

The autologyx platform gives you the power to build personalised digital customer journeys based on real-time data. You can build different scenarios, depending on entry points, customer data, historic behaviour or any number of variables that impact on your customers’ experience.

With autologyx, you can create a unified platform that works with multiple legacy systems and numerous data inputs. This can provide you with one ‘source of truth’ for each customer, allowing you to digitise even the most complex process. And you can keep learning, adapting and evolving to improve outcomes or meet changing needs.

Use autologyx to digitise and transform:

Candidate onboarding   

Marketing funnels

Patient pathways

Customer satisfaction

Legal outsourcing

Partner referrals

Customer complaints processes

Innovating with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Building models on real data

2000X more efficient driving machine learning through the autologyx platform

autologyx enables you to use real-time data about events, content and outcomes to train and leverage ML within the autologyx platform.

Integrating the Internet of Things

Real time. Real world.

From smart buildings and wearables to connected health, the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing apace. autologyx can help you to integrate your IoT environment into core operations to create new digital solutions, streamline processes and drive better experiences.

The key challenge is not how you control your IoT devices; it’s how you make your IoT devices relevant to your overall business operations.

You need your business processes to be able to sample, connect, interact and interrogate these external devices. You need your IoT to be part of bigger business processes, so that it influences customers, employees, patients or supply chains in real-time, in a meaningful way.

The autologyx platform allows you to break your IoT applications out of their silos, integrating with legacy systems or new processes to solve real business challenges.

Agile asset management

Working with your playbooks

autologyx’ persistent run-time and ability to continually evaluate changing situations against a given playbook, makes it a powerful tool for both physical and financial asset management.

For optimum efficiency, you need an asset management system that works with real-time information to carry out multiple tasks, while recognising the moments when human decision-making is critical.

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