Financial Services

Whether you are an international, retail, challenger bank or insurance provider the pressure is on to deliver customer-centric processes. IT leaders across the board are tasked with reducing costs while promoting innovation, with many embracing automation technologies to help deliver ‘more with less’.

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Autologyx is helping financial organisations

Autologyx is helping financial organisations focus on the customer experience through process innovation – enabling customers to streamline onboarding, complaint handling and compliance, launch innovative products and provide better, holistic experiences.

Adaptive technology for complex processes

The challenge with traditional automation solutions is inflexibility and time-to-value, coupled with their inability to respond to dynamic, real world complexity –  symptomatic of financial services. So, you either compromise your business process to fit a standard solution, or you invest significant time and resource to create a custom solution that is frozen and costly to maintain. Neither of which deliver a compelling ROI.

Now, autologyx’ FabricAutomation® Platform allows you to bring data, people, systems, and processes together in one bespoke, agile and compliant eco-system. No compromises.

autologyx delivers a real-time digital operations capability, which you can constantly iterate, test, refine and evolve, to meet dynamic customer and internal demands. At the same time, it provides a powerful platform that enables you to create a ‘living resource’ and a skillset to quickly solve other process and compliance challenges throughout your business operations.

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Uniquely created around your processes


Integrates with legacy systems and fintech point solutions


Scales and evolves as your needs change

User Friendly

Accessible for reporting, customer or regulatory queries


360º visibility to service increasing financial regulations


Fast ROI, low-cost innovation


Dynamically meet new financial regulations and enable low-risk innovation


Puts you in control across borders, clients and frameworks


Simple configuration to achieve rapid time to market

Compliance at the heart of every process

Take control of risk, reputation and corporate responsibility by automating robust governance processes to ensure you remain 100% compliant with increasingly complex financial regulations.

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Revolutionise end-to-end processes

Increase visibility and reporting across end-to-end financial and purchasing workflows to streamline process bottlenecks and significantly reduce costs.

Automate, accelerate and transform processes across your full range of financial products and services to increase efficiency, lower abandon rates, attract - and retain - customers.

From customer and product onboarding, to customer lifecycle management, autologyx can help you revolutionise your end-to-end processes.

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Provide best-in-class customer experiences

Invest in providing best-in-class digital experiences and apply a ‘customer-first’ lens to your business processes. You can now use real-time data to provide personalised customer journeys, providing enhanced end-user experience. Manage the lifecycle of your customer by automating communications to promote tailored financial products and services, encourage buying-decisions or anticipate service issues.

autologyx provides a unified platform integrating customer interactions, data points and systems to provide greater visibility and eliminate duplication of effort across your business.

autologyx can also kick-start your AI or Machine Learning development, using real data and existing customer behaviour as the platform to model and evolve new customer experiences, products or services.

Claims processing

Built around your unique claims environment

Claims processing for insurance firms and companies with a high volume of warranty or service claims is an intensive and costly process to administer. autologyx enables you to digitise the whole process across documents, communications and decision-making, to cut costs and improve the customer experience.

autologyx allows you to innovate and transform your claims processing:

  • Tailor the automation to your individual claims management process
  • Build a digital eco-system around any kind of document or data input
  • Create a system across brands and borders, centred around each claimant
  • Enjoy total transparency about where each claim is and build in SLA or KPI reporting
  • Use real data to identify bottlenecks or claims hotspots to improve process or product performance

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