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Our intelligent automation technology has a wide range of business applications anywhere that people, data, systems and processes come together.

Onboard anything!

Faster, more reliable and compliant onboarding

Whether for new customers, employees, physical assets or complex relationships, you can build smart ways to onboard them all.

With Autologyx® you can accelerate any onboarding process. It eliminates dependencies within your workflow and massively reduces tracking and admin work. There are whole lifecycle benefits too:

  • Robust onboarding allows you to track any asset’s lifetime status and location from Day One to decommissioning.
  • Early engagement sets high standards for relationships with your customers, partners and workforce.





Plant & Machinery


Mobile Integration

Verify data at the point of engagement

Autologyx® enables your mobile users and field workers to capture and upload key documents and evidence on-site.

The Autologyx® Platform's mobile capabilities connect your digital operations with real-world environments. Take on-site photographic evidence or capture sight of official documents, then upload images from mobile devices in real-time or sync online later. Ideal for:

  • Onboarding contractors or consultant staff
  • Proof of ID and verifying credentials
  • Asset management and on-site installation
  • Construction, Rail & Engineering
  • Vehicle rental industry
  • NHS and Health Care resourcing
  • General Staffing and Recruitment

Site conditions

Photo ID

Plant & equipment

Service log


Procurement and Supply Chain

Consistency of standards across the supply chain

With Autologyx® you can ensure full compliance with required standards of performance, integrity and accountability.

Ideal for Retail, Manufacturing, Resourcing and other commercial sectors. Autologyx® drives quality and efficiency across complex supply chains by providing real-time analysis, audit and validation of commercial data, documents and process workflows.

  • Suppliers: Easily maintain and demonstrate compliance with mandated standards of procurement and supply, such as Framework arrangements and SLAs.
  • Customers & Buyers: Gain end-to-end traceability across the supply chain – even with Master Vendor arrangements.
  • Regulated Manufacturing: Set-up and manage robust audit- or ledger-based processes for both physical and virtual assets, including Bound Book systems. Ideal for ATF, Pharmaceuticals and other regulated sectors.
  • Supply Chain management: Automatically drive and co-ordinate supplier inputs and internal governance. Support complex, dynamic processes with multiple dependencies between different parties – and minimise delays caused by errors in documentation or inventory and logistics management.

Services Sector

Supporting Sales Growth

With Autologyx® you can rapidly develop tailored propositions for individual clients - and scale to meet any change in demand or requirements.

Autologyx® easily deals with any level of complexity, allowing you to introduce new services and quickly bring together both new processes and legacy systems – while guaranteeing always to meet your SLAs. Perfect for:

  • Master Vendor assignments
  • Specialist Screening eg. clinical trials
  • Staffing and Employment Agencies
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Recruitment Frameworks eg NHS, Social Care

Driving Workforce Engagement

HR and employee lifecycle management

Autologyx® enables you to consistently hit benchmark operational standards that help drive performance and retention.

Autologyx® automates and integrates HR processes, enabling you to deliver on all your operational and compliance goals. With Autologyx® you can maintain a highly professional, flexible and responsive business service across both a permanent and contingent workforce.

Use Autologyx® to manage:

  • Onboarding and Exiting
  • Background Screening
  • Right to work
  • Lifecycle management
  • CPD, Training and Capability
  • Competence and performance monitoring
  • Health & Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Data privacy
  • Complaints and case management
  • Compliance audit and reporting

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Intelligent, Connected, Real-Time Risk Management

The Autologyx® Platform's smarter operational capabilities enable you to deal with rising complexity, cost and individual risk exposure in Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Autologyx® integrates dynamic real-time risk management into your GRC strategy.  You’ll no longer need to prove compliance after-the-fact. Autologyx® delivers real-time assurance of compliance as part of your automated operational process regime - backed up with simple, powerful audit reporting tools.

It’s a simple, low-cost and totally effective way to deal with and future-poof against complex, evolving governance regimes through:

  • SMCR Responsibilities Map
  • Statements of Responsibility
  • Automated form preparation
  • Built-in submission templates
  • Asset management
  • Auditable evidence

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