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Autologyx launches next generation platform, Autologyx Catalyst

The result of 2 years of listening to the market, working with customers and focusing on our strategic vision to put technology in the hands of the builders and legal engineers, Autologyx Catalyst brings together capabilities such as: a relational data model designer, a visual workflow automation engine, customisable workspaces, form builders, task management, and document automation alongside rich integrations to create an ‘all-in-one platform’.

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Things to Keep in Mind for Process Mapping

I think the first thing I would advise is that. You have a clear understanding of your current “as-is” process. Whatever you’re planning, it’s key to understand the current process or the process you want to automate.

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What to Automate?

As workflow and automation becomes more commonplace, it’s appropriate for all of us to assess where we might use it. Let’s examine basic, intermediate, and advanced versions of possibility.

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