5 hot topics

If you’re a customer then you will have either been part of our pilot group, seen a quick demo or have something in the diary for the coming weeks. For those clients and prospects who are piloting the product, it’s been great to finally get business experts, legal engineers and system configurators into the system and to have a ‘play’.

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Think Bigger with Integrated Workflows

The topic of integration has become commonplace within organisations and their functions. Most of us have interacted with systems that are pushing or pulling data or tasks to and from one another, which significantly reduces the human exchange and friction in our business processes: imagine for example if MS Outlook could not book a meeting with external parties.

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What to Automate?

As workflow and automation becomes more commonplace, it’s appropriate for all of us to assess where we might use it. Let’s examine basic, intermediate, and advanced versions of possibility.

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