legal innovation

Structured Data: The fuel of the future

Law firms have access to volumes of data. Data about themselves, their people, how they practice, metrics regarding utilisation and profitability and also an immense amount of client data. However almost all firms, are data rich but information poor.

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5 reasons automating your processes leads to practice efficiency

With economic uncertainty, remote working now a reality and a drive for productivity gains and ultimately profitability, many law firms are focused on automation and workflow optimisation to drive practice efficiency. This often manifests itself in the adoption of document automation as a first step because of the obvious benefits, two of which are risk reduction and standardisation of document generation. However, document automation is just one part of a much broader process optimisation potential.

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The State of Play: Workflow Automation for Legal

The latest time warp between social media feeds and our day to day experience talking to customers and prospects about workflow is upon us. On the one hand the promise that generative AI will take away all the pain of structuring your data and workflows and bring powerful automation to the masses (see MS CoPilot etc); on the other hand, operations professionals implementing intake projects to move work from email and Excel to a modern workflow or CLM platform

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