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Why Your Firm Isn’t Winning Business in 2021

Workflow automation is changing the way law firms deliver services and win business with their corporate clients.

For years, corporate clients have asked law firms, “What technology do you use?” Often, firms rattle off a list of software, some of which has very little to do with the matter at hand. In the past, this has sufficed; it has been more of a throw-away question on both sides.

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Making Sense of Automation in Legal – A Buzzword-Free Primer

Automation is everywhere. Take grocery shopping, for example. Even just five years ago, you might have gone shopping in person with a handwritten list. Today, without leaving your couch, you can call out, “Alexa, order more laundry detergent.” Speech recognition parses your order, which is then placed electronically by a system. . .

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