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Workflow automation is changing the way law firms deliver services and win business with their corporate clients.

Clients expect to see that the firm has relevant technology already in place and is proficient with using it. 

And increasingly, proficiency with using technology determines which firms win new business and which firms do not.

Firms must shift to strategic buying: master workflow automation today to win more clients tomorrow.

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Sometimes Slow and Steady Loses the Race

Early adopters are shifting to strategic buying, understanding how a platform generates value across a portfolio of internal and external facing use cases.

Early adopters are already winning new clients and deepening existing relationships by embedding long-term, workflow-driven services in their client operations.

For firms that aren’t culturally ready, steps such as optimising existing technology or documenting current processes can still be taken to future-proof the business.

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Oversold and Misunderstood

No-code/low-code workflow automation platforms have emerged as powerful tools

As a consequence, the concept of ‘citizen developer’ has grown as a nirvana for technology adoption.

The reality is there are practical limits to this vision of the ‘citizen developer’, which will evolve over time as the technology matures.

In the meantime, a growing number of service providers are springing up to meet the market demand for the skillsets of those using these tools successfully.