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unlimited use cases

Legal & Compliance intake

Create flexible intake solutions for internal users, or as part of a service, using the Autologyx operations platform

Intake landing pages

Create landing pages for internal or external users, with multiple work types, embedded analytics, or links to information. Brand your portal for services to customers


Create fully self-service workflows using our automation engine to generate and send documents back to the user, or integrate with e-Signature for self-service contracts

Flexible triage

Use flexible triage to manage work allocation: allocate work manually or automatically depending on work types or location, and route work to customised team workspaces for completion

Performance and analytics

Track and play back key KPIs, service levels or any combination of analytics either to internal or external users

Matter management

Configure Autologyx for matter management in any area, e.g. commercial contracts, claims, or assets

Unlimited matter types

Whether one or many, configure records to track and manage unlimited matter types, with fully separate permissioning, task types and workflow automation

Task management

Track, complete and review tasks either against individual records or review all tasks assigned to you in one workspace; create and allocate tasks either manually or automatically

Document storage & automation

Attach documents to each record type, and automate around them: document reviews, automated contract creation, negotiation workflows or integrated storage into other systemss

Collaboration workflows

Deliver work around your record types with triage and automated allocation either to internal teams or users or external collaborators. Integrate any other systems into the workflow

Self-Service Agreement Automation

Capture legal expertise through agreement automation. Use automated contract generation in areas, such as NDA, leases, employment claims and many more!

Automate workflow while preserving human oversight

Just the right degree of automation to suit your current requirements, from legal requests through an end-to-end process, except for essential review tasks by staff

Improve staff efficiency and morale

Automation provides critical time-savings, in some cases up to 99.9%, and relief for the team. Free up staff to do more higher value work, improving team morale

Agile, configurable, and scalable

Easy to update new contracts, contract types, standard clauses, and template types to match growing business. Manage multiple subsidiary logos and branding to match the appropriate unit

Monitor contract status and maintain up-to-date records

Workflow automation allows for the ability to produce the entire history of an agreement and monitor the status of an agreement, especially those that are incomplete or unsigned

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