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Compliant, automated workforce applications for corporates and recruitment providers

"We wanted one candidate truth across 10 brands and over a 100 legacy systems,
Autologyx has done that."
Head of Operations
Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company

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Customer experience management

Create one source of truth for each candidate and benefit from 360 degree visibility

Fast, Effective & Compliant Onboarding

Deliver a bespoke customer experience with custom front end portals and on-boarding workflows

Manage dynamic compliance Requirements

Build, maintain and monitor workflows which guarantee 100% compliance with industry regulations

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Improve Sales

Quicker screening, improved candidate experience, and minimizing audit workload for professionals means improved time to revenue

Optimize Productivity

Reduce manual process which are prone to errors and omissions, and therefore, maximize productivity.

Compliance Management

Automated solution guarantees processes are delivered accurately and on time, which improves audit readiness, controls and safeguards against fraud

Easy to get started

Since everything is configurable - defining a process and setting up your first workflow automation is within weeks, which in turn enables returns within months.

All the support you need

Our professional services team works with you every step of the way to get you up and running, with training, workshops and ongoing support available

Easy to change & scale

Scalable from the smallest processes to your largest cross enterprise use cases. No lock in to rigid point solutions. Incorporate new use cases and existing technologies.

Exploiting Automation opportunities
in workforce operations

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