Driving Adoption – Thinking Beyond Your First Project


Companies are focusing their efforts on the changing demands of clients and their internal business units. The swing to improve efficiencies and the need to boost competitiveness during the pandemic leveraging tech-led transformation within all industries has meant that everyone is desperate to keep up.

The Autologyx platform has always been designed from the ground up to deliver against a wide range of customer problems. We have customers delivering HR solutions to candidates as part of recruitment services, insurance renewal services for international insurance companies, and a variety of legal services for our law firms and law companies’ customers.

Building a technology toolkit that can be applied to different areas of your business is often times the easy bit, it’s the adoption of the technology beyond the first project delivery and providing longer-term value across an entire business that is the hard bit. The world really can be your oyster!

First project focus

Quite often our first project at a customer is all-encompassing for Autologyx and them. It’s usually a client-facing project, with many moving parts and usually combines many individual processes and integrations. All stakeholders are focused on it and getting value from the platform is the number one objective.

When you are so focused on your first project it’s easy to delay ideation for the next project. Our most successful customers are those that don’t think about Autologyx as a point solution but as a platform that enables transformation and value creation. Ideation and innovation are key principles to focus on.

Time to value is a key objective and Autologyx is always looking for ways to improve our own processes to deliver against our customer needs to reduce that time to value.

Identifying your next project(s)

We all know that deep-rooted, successful adoption of any technology is a challenge. Especially one that improves processes and impacts the employee experience. It has always been difficult.

Following our typical ‘big-first’ project we’re always advocating tackling the ‘low-hanging fruit’ and identifying ‘quick wins.’ Ideal business problems for Autologyx don’t have to be complicated or overly sophisticated nor take months to configure, test, and go live. Here are some common customer quick wins:

  • Improve your legal operations by creating a departmental legal front door or provide quick access to standard document templates, such as NDA’s, through automation
  • Improve your customer experience by implementing customer satisfaction tools such as complaint handling
  • Ease your procurement risk by managing vendors and contracts
  • Manage your Real estate portfolio with lease tracking and renewals
  • Manage your employee risk with improved new joiner & leaver management

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There are loads of similar examples of regularly repeated, manual tasks that could be automated. Allowing the business to be more efficient and importantly, allowing people to be more creative in other areas and focus on more valuable tasks. One tip here is to look for the random excel spreadsheet that captures, stores, and transforms key data between business units.

Creating advocates and champions

I have mentioned that the successful adoption of any technology is hard. As part of every project, we aim to create Autologyx champions and advocates inside your business. Employees who are not only trained in implementing Autologyx but also champions who can be triggers for identifying future opportunities for adding value and adopting the technology further. These champions could be business unit managers who are looking at the MI data from the results of a specific project, a business analyst whose job is to map out processes or an IT engineer who has identified new systems to integrate with to reduce duplication and or effort.

The key here is that technology-led disruption is difficult. Driving cultural change and focusing on the ‘humans’ in your business and combining that with the technology will be key.

How can we help?

We have recently added to our team of experts who are focused on helping our customers get more value from the Autologyx platform and support you. We’re proactively contacting all our customers anyway but if you have an immediate need, please do get in touch as we are always available to have a discussion about your ideas; this won’t cost you anything but a little bit of your time. Feel free to get in touch with the customer value team.